uTorrent Speed up

You may have noticed that the speed of uTorrent is always slower than your maximum connection speed and Internet Download Manager (IDM), that's because the download speed of your torrent depends on the ratio of seeders and leechers.

The more people are seeding the torrent the more speed you get, seeding means to upload small chunks of the file to the server so that others can download it.

But even if the seeders are more than the leechers it does not mean that the speed will be as fast as IDM, because IDM is an accelerator while uTorrent is just a downloader.

But never mind, there are some settings that can boost your torrent speed, follow the guidelines below:

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Go to uTorrent > Options > Preferences

Step 1:

Configure as shown in sceenshots below:

uTorrent Bandwidth

uTorrent speed

uTorrent queue

Step 2:

Now go to Advanced and configure as follow:

bt.auto_ul_sample_average 80 *
bt.auto_ul_sample_window 80 *
bt.ban_threshold 80
bt.connect_speed 80
net.max_halfopen 80
net.wsaevents 80
rss.update_interval 80

If you are using a newer version of uTorrent and can't find these settings you skip this step.

Step 3:

Now go to connection and click Random port button to change your port.

uTorrent Connection Preferences


  • Before downloading a torrent check the number of seeds and leechers, make sure that seeds are greater than leeches or else you will not get the maximum speed.
  • Don't download or stream anything while downloading, watching online videos etc. affects the downloading speed of uTorrent.
  • Download one torrent at a time or else you connection speed will be divided.
  • While downloading, right-click on the torrent, go to Bandwidth Allocation and set it to High.
uTorrent speed

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These ae just a few guidelines to speed up your uTorrent, nothing is guaranteed.
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