How To Download From Zenu's Place

Downloading from my site is not that simple for new users, because of ads and shorten URL service(s) that i use to earn from my site, but to make it easier for you, here is a 4 Step tutorial about it:

This post is about directly downloading from File Hosting sites, for torrent downloading check out: How To Download Torrents


Choose a software category, find the post you want to download from, and click on "Read Full Post" link under it.


Read the Description to see if this is the thing you are looking for, and check the System Requirements to see if your computer meets them, then navigate to the bottom of the Post page and click on "Download " link.

A pop-up window might open when you click on the Download link, that is just an Ad, you can close that window anytime.


After clicking on Download Link, you will be redirected to, which is an URL shorten service, you need to wait 6 seconds before you can Skip this ad. 

After 6 seconds, SKIP button will apear on the top-right corner of the page.


Skipping the ad will redirect you to the actual File Hosting Site (usualy MediaFire.Com), where the Software is uploaded, you can simply click on the green Download button to start your download.

PS: Unlike MediaFire, some File Hosting Sites do not allow direct download of files, they require you to choose an option from Regular Download and Premium Download, choose the Regular Download option in this case.

Sometimes they also ask you to wait for few seconds, and enter the CAPTCHA code to make sure you are human.

This is why we upload most of the content on MediaFire, but some files are too large so we just leave them where they are hosted and just put that link in our post.

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Video Tutorial

You can also watch this video tutorial:

Please let us know if you are still having any difficuly in downloading anything. 
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