Adobe Reader 11.0.02 Free Download


Adobe reader 11 is the best release of adobe organization. They add new features sandbox architecture for better security. Its also few new additional features that can help you make better experience of adobe reader use.

Features :

                          It interact with rich PDF files, including some best PDF portfolio, CAD files, and multimedia flash or movie file content. Complete, save, and send reader enabled forms.

     1.  Opening PDF Portfolios :
                     Using this you can open and view new contain of PDF portfolio, collection of PDF documents and much more, and the other document type such as drawing in page, e-mail messaging, office spreadsheet and much more videos.

      2. Electronic form submission :
                     You can sign, fill, save and most electronically submit forms that can be reader enabled Adobe LiveCycle®, ES2 and Adobe Acrobat® software.

     3.Flash technology support :
                      New version adobe reader can support flash technology. adobe provide us new level technology of end - user intertraction by ability of the reader that natively display all media content Adobe flash® technology.

       4. CAD and Geo-spatial functionality :
                      Adobe reader can access and interact with best CAD designs and geo-spatial maps that have be converted to PDF.
    Easily open PDF documents :

Free feel confident that you can view any PDF file with out any harmful risk, and without worrying about which operating system are you using.Fulfill with full screen reader and other assertive technologies. You can also use online service to create, share, and store all kinds of PDF files.

1.Access to all PDF files :

Adobe Reader can interact with PDF files that contain new best wild verity of content type, including drawings, e-mail messages, office spreadsheet, videos and audios, and much more multimedia elements.

2. Multiplatform Supports :
Adobe Readers delivered a best and realizable experience across all operating system. Adobe Readers can supports wide variety of operating systems, including windows® and Mac OS, extended teams can share documents across platforms.

3. Simplified user interface :
Adobe readers can view information more precisely and efficiently. Customer can choose more mode to read content on the full screen or two-up mode to view page spreads. Here you can use keyboard shortcut like print, documents zoom, and find content within the browser.

4.Online services :
Adobe user can directly access to the online services at from within adobe reader 10 with performing common task like creating PDF, securely sharing and multi-storing documents also with screen share.

5. International standards :
Using adobe you can take advantages of supports for the new ISO standards 32000 for PDF.

6. Accessibility:
Now let readers can lead out loud, or change the reading orders of columns. Readers meets the accessibility requirement updated by sections 508 of the amended U.S.

System Requirements

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows 2008
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000

-Supported 32-bit and 64-bit systems

48.03 MB


  1. Extract using WinRAR.
  2. Run and Enjoy.

Download Link

Download Adobe Reader 11.0.02

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