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Well, downloading torrents is not a big deal, before we start the tutorial, let me tell you "what are torrents".

A torrent is just a small file of few bytes, with tracker information. through this tracker information you connect to other peoples (seeders), who are actually uploading the file in parts.
Every person who downloads the file becomes the host and makes a P2P network, you download and upload the file at the same time. Even when the download is complete, your BitTorrent client keeps seeding (uploading) file parts so that others can download them, until you stop seeding manually.

To download these little chunks of the file you need a Bittorrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent etc. .
I recommend uTorrent as it is the most used and fastest client.

So let's start the tutorial:

You can skip first 3 Steps if you have already installed uTorrent.

1. Go to and click on the big "Get uTorrent" button.

2. Click on the "Free download" link.

3. wait for few seconds, download the uTorrent setup file and install it.

Or you can also get the premium version of uTorrent from here: uTorrent 3.3 Build 29420 REPACK

4. Go to a Torrent site, find your desired torrent and click on "Magnet" link or icon.
in this tutorial i'm using


download the torrent file and open it in uTorrent.

5. Select your desired download directory and press Ok button.

The uTorrent will connect to peers and your download will start in a few seconds.

You can skip Step 6 if you are browsing the internet and downloading at the same time, following above step may slow down your browsing speed.

6. Right-Click on the torrent, Go to Bandwidth Allocation and Select "High" to speed-up the downloading.
7. When the downloading is finished, highlight the torrent and click on the red Stop icon on the top-bar to stop seeding (uploading). This step is not necessary, you can leave the torrent on seeding if you want to help others, after all sharing is caring :)

To speed-up uTorrent, read this article: How To Speed Up uTorrent

Post your comments if you still need any help. Thank You.
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