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Last month, a Turkish security researcher named Ibrahim Balic claimed he infiltrated Apple’s(NASDAQ:AAPL) developer center in order to expose a vulnerability in the website’s security. Supposedly, Balic’s discovery was serious enough to cause Apple to take down its developer site for eight days. However, it now appears that Balic’s activities were unrelated to the security issue that prompted Apple’s weeklong developer center shutdown.
According to sources cited by Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch, Balic’s security vulnerability discovery was completely unrelated to the developer center outage. On the Apple Web Servernotifications page, Apple credits and SCANV of for discovering and reporting a “remote code execution issue” on Apple’s developer site. In the posting that was first reported by 9to5Mac, Apple credits Balic with a different security issue related to Apple’s iAd Workbench portal address.

Panzarino speculates that the issues reported by and SCANV of were the likely cause of Apple’s developer center shutdown. However, he also notes that Apple still refuses to comment on the outage.

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