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If you are looking for an easy way to save your watched videos from the cache of your browser, then you are gonna love this post!
Whenever you watch videos online, they are saved in your browser cache. You can save them to a different location to watch them offline,if the site doesn't have a download option.

You might have tried other methods to do this, like viewing the cache using "about:cache" in FireFox or "chrome://cache" in Chrome, but searching through browser cache for your desired videos/photos  is like finding a needle in haystack.

So this is when we need a little utility called "VideoCacheView".
It's a free utility that automatically searches through all your browser caches and lists all the files in an easy to understand GUI form.

You can play the files, you can easily see whether the file is still present in the cache or not, you can also see the download URLs, Size, Copy name, Local path to the file, Last modification date, Last access date, Cache type, Browser and many other details.

But that's not it, there are  also some other useful features that you can discover yourself :)

How to save files?

To save files simply select one or more files (by holding the CTRL key in Windows) and go to File > Export Selected Items

Comment below and tell us about your experience, Or if you know a better way :)

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