6 Best Blogger Template Generators

Blogger Template Generators

There are thousands of free and premium templates available for Blogger but some people don't like using someone else's work or don't get satisfied with them. But creating your own Blogger template is not easy though.
Blogger allows users to customize their templates but as usual the default tool is limited. You can just change container widths, change colours and change background.

You need programming skills as well as CSS, HTML, and XML knowledge to create one yourself from the scratch. But don't worry, here in this post i'm listing some useful tools to save your time.

Using these tools you can create very own custom template for your Blogger blog without any programming and web designing knowledge. 

1. Artisteer

Artisteer Blogger Template Generator

The first and the best and the most powerful tool I'm sharing is Artisteer. It's a software that let's you design your own template for all the CMS sites like Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress, Blogger etc.
It provides a very user-friendly interface even those without any technical knowledge can use it easily. It looks similar to MS Office.
The template can by customize in any way, headers, flash, custom image backgrounds, gradients, custom colors, fonts, dynamic sheets and much more.

In my views the only thing it lacks is editing premade templates. The templates you make using Artisteer itself or download from any other site can not be edited in Artisteer.

Link: http://www.artisteer.com

2. TrixTG

Trix Blogspot Template Generator

TrixTG or Trix Blogspot Template Generator is another good Blogger template generator tool that works online. It's a user-friendly and advanced tool, you can create your own template from scratch or edit some premade templates available in the tool. You don't even need to refresh or reload the page to see the changes you make, it makes changes in the template on the go, so it becomes even more easier to design a great template that completely meets your requirements and desires.

Link: http://e-infotainment.com/trixapps/trixtg/trixtgv2/application.php

3. PsycHo

PsycHo BloggerTemplate Generator

PsycHo is also another online tool to create Blogger templaes created by Aideen. It's not as advanced as TrixTG and Artisteer but it is much more easier-to-use tool as compared to TrixTG and Artisteer. You can design and get your own custom template in just a few clicks.

4. Pimp My Profile

Pimp-My-Profile BloggerTemplate Generator

Pimp My Profile is just another online tool, but the interface is not so good. The interface of Pimp My Profile is full of ads and also lacks some advanced features, however the reason i have included this tool in my post is that it's easy to create templates in it. Of course it has annoying ads but the actual interface is pretty easy and you can get your template in 7 steps. Each step is for customizing a different part of the page.

Link: http://www.pimp-my-profile.com/generators/blogger.php


DOTEMPLATE BloggerTemplate Generator

DOTEMPLATE is one of the best online template generators, It's free, It's easy and works just s good as a desktop software. It's a flash-based tool where you can choose from hundreds of free website and blog templates and then customize them to fit your needs before downloading. I personally recommend this online tool after Artisteer.

Link: http://doratemplates.com

6. Firdamatic Layout Generator

Firdamatic BloggerTemplate Generator

Firdamatic is the simplest one! It doesn't requires any designing, all you need to do is just fill a small form that includes the colors, header image, your links etc. You can either choose to generate a two-column template or three-column template.

Link: http://www.wannabegirl.org/firdamatic

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