Windows 7 USB
Windows 7 is the most used operating system currently, many people download their Windows 7 from internet, but not everybody knows how to perform a "clean install" of a downloaded Windows 7.

Copying the ISO files or Extracted files from ISO to the USB won't work, because the USB needs to be bootable, to create a Bootable USB to install a "Clean" Windows 7 or Windows 8 follow these steps:

You can also install Windows 8 by following these guidelines.

Get Windows 7 from here: Download Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 (32-bit) en-US Pre-Activated Jun2013

and here is Windows 8: Download Windows 8 Pro x86 (32-bit) with Activator

Note: First two steps are for Windows XP Service Pack 2 users only.

Step 1:

If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 make sure you have Windows Installer 3.1 or newer and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or newer version installed on your system.

Step 2:

You also need Microsoft Image Mastering API 2.0 in order to use Windows 7 USB DVD Tool.

Step 3:

 To create a bootable USB for Windows 7 or Windows 8 you need to install a tool called Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD Tool.
Download it here and then install it.

Step 4:

Now run the Microsoft USB DVD Tool:

1. Click on the Browse button and select your Windows 7 ISO Image file and press Next

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Choose ISO Image

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2. Choose the media type you want to use to install Windows 7, select USB device here.

You can also choose DVD if you want to create a bootable DVD.

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Choose Media Type

3. In this step select your USB device and press Begin copying to continue.

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Choose USB Device

Click Erase USB Device if you're prompted to do so on a Not Enough Free Space window. Then click Yes to the confirmation in the next window, if your USB is already empty you will not see this promt.

4. Now your USB will be formatted before copying the files from ISO Image:

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Formatting

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool will then start copying all the files from your Windows 7 ISO Image file into USB device, this can take 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on your processor speed.

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Copying Files

Note: If you see the loading bar has stopped on a position don't cancel the process, just leave it, it will automatically move.

Step 5:

Your USB is bootable now, Restart your computer and boot from the USB Flash Drive to clean install the Windows 7 or Windows 8.

You can boot from USB  by going into BIOS and selecting USB Flash Drive as the primary Boot Device or in DELL it can be done by Pressing F12 while starting your machine.

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