How To Make Google Chrome Faster And Better!

Google Chrome Faster

Google Chrome is one of the most used Web-Browsers and is known for its speed. Even though it is faster than other browsers you can make it even more faster for a better web surfing experience, this article will guide you through some simple tricks to speed it up.

So if you have an older and slow PC like me, you're probably gonna love this post.

Advance Settings (Flags)

The first step to make Chrome faster is to enable some hidden experimental features, these features are called "flags" and are used to optimize the performance of your browser.

Step 1:

In the address bar type about:flags

Step 2:

Scroll down to find these options and Enable/Disable them as shown below:

Chrome Flags

  • Enable GPU compositing on all pages
  • Enable Threaded compositing
  • Disable accelerated 2D canvas. 
  • Enable override software rendering list. 
  • Disable GPU VSync Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. 
  • GPU-accelerated SVG filter (enable) 
  • Disable accelerated CSS animations.

Step 3:

Also disable these:
Chrome Settings

Step 4: 

Hit the Relaunch button at the bottom of the page to restart Chrome.

Under The Hood

Step 1: 

Click the wrench icon in the top-right corner of your Chrome and go to settings.

Step 2:

Under the privacy un-check all the options except Enable phishing and malware protection as shown in the screenshot:

Chrome Under The Hood

Deleting Temporary Data

Delete all the temporary data, history, cookies etc. to make your Chrome work smoothly. to do this press Ctrl+Shift+Del and choose what things you want to remove. Removing everything is recommended except the Auto-fill data and passwords. If you don't save passwords you can also select these options and erase them as well.

Removing Un-necessary Extensions

One of the reasons behind slowness of your Chrome is unwanted extensions. Extensions eat a lot of your CPU, you can remove all the extensions that you don't use.
To do this click the Wrench icon in the top-right corner of screen, and select Extensions, and remove all unwanted extensions.

Disabling Plug-ins

Plug-ins can also cause slow page loading, don't install any plugins that you don't use often. Some plugins are automatically installed by other programs that can slow-down your Chrome. To know what plugins are installed type chrome://plugins in the address-bar and hit enter.

Now disable all the unneeded plugins, i recommend you disable all the plugins except Adobe Flash Player and Internet Download Manager (if you have one).

Hope this post helps you making your web-experience even better, do comment and let me know if you know any other ideas to make Google Chrome even more faster. Thanks :)
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