When we install a fresh Windows it boots faster, but as the time passes it becomes slower.
That's because of the programs we install, some of the programs now days are by default set to run automatically as soon as the Windows starts.

It's good to let programs like Antivirus, Firewall etc. run at start-up but too many runs can make your Windows start-up slow, so what you need to do is disable all the unwanted programs that run on start-up and eat your computer resources, RAM, CPU.

One way to do this is manually go to each program's preferences and disable the "Run on start-up" option, but some application do not have any option like that in the preferences, and to disable that sort of programs you need to manually disable it's process using Microsoft Configuration Tool also called msconfig.

1. Press Windows + R to open Run or just find it from the Startmenu

2. Now type msconfig command in the run box to open Microsoft Configuration Tool

3. Select Startup tab, you can see the list of all the processes that run when you start your Windows, now just uncheck all unnecessary programs and press Ok.

4. Restart the computer so that the changes can take effect. Done!

Drop a commnt below if you have any questions :)
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