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Atomix VirtualDJ Pro

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VirtualDJ is the hottest AUDIO and VIDEO mixing software, targeting DJs from the bedroom, mobile, and professional superstars like Carl Cox.

With VirtualDJ's breakthrough BeatLock engine, songs will always stay in beat, and the DJ works their mixes incredibly faster than they ever could.

The automatic seamless loop engine and synchronized sampler lets the DJ perform astounding remixes live, with no preparation at all. The visual representation and the cues allow a DJ to clearly see the song structure, and never be surprised by a break. The vinyl controls will let you scratch like on a real turntable, except that with the beatlock engine your scratches will never end out of the beat.

Add to that the infinite number of cue points a DJ can save for each song and large collection of wonderful automatically beat-synchronized effects.

And with VirtualDJ's large collection of skin interfaces to suit everybody from the beginner to the professional DJ, the possibility to record the DJ's mix to then burn to CDs, to broadcasting on the Internet and/or the DJ's own radio station, to use headphones to preview the song, or use an external mixer to perform in a club; VirtualDJ is a DJ's ULTIMATE mix software.

Lastly, enter the new era of DJs mixing video enhanced songs (DVD, DivX, MPEG...) which can be sent to monitors, TVs, a projector for display on a giant screen.

VirtualDJ brings all that and more to the DJ in the most easy-to-use way and at the most affordable price for the ULTIMATE DJ MIX EXPERIENCE.

What is new in VirtualDJ 7.4 (20 March 2013)

- new ContentUnlimited Video and Karaoke subscription plans
- new improved LiveFeedback recommendations
- Windows 8 multi-touch full compatibility
- new actions "slip_mode", "slip", "loop_roll"
- new actions "motorwheel 'speed'" and "motorwheel 'invspeed'" (for Denon motorized wheels)
- midi definition <jog> can have ccmsb2="" for 21-bit messages
- device definitions can include firmware update messages
- fixed <slider orientation="circle"> with negative angles
- fixed potential crash with malformed id3 tags

System Requirements

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows 2008
Windows Vista
Windows XP SP3
Windows 2000

-Supported 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Min. 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

Disk Space:
50MB free on the hard drive

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon' XP

1024 x 768 screen resolution

DirectX compatible soundcard

31.39 MB


  1. Install application by double clicking on "install_virtualdj_pro_v7.4.msi" in "install" folder with admin rights.
  2. Check "Don't show again" and click "Skip" when application requests Login and Password for VirtualDJ account on homepage.
  3. Do not update the application.
  4. For your safety, use firewall to stop internet access of application. 

Download Link

Download Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 7.4 Build 449

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