6 Ways To Hack a Facebook Account

Hack Facebook Account

So this what most of my readers want to learn about. Well hacking is not as easy as it seems, you need a lot of patience and skills to get the job done. There are 5 ways to hack a facebook account, so I'm starting the facebook hacking series now, in this first post I'm just going to discuss the possible ways. Detailed tutorials will be posted separately later.

Before i start, please keep one thing in mind: This post is for educational purpose only! The real aim of this post is to educate you about basic hacking techniques & create awareness so that you can protect yourselves.

1. Phishing


This is probably the easiest and most-used method. I don't really know the history of term "phishing" but to me it's similar to "fishing". In this method you create a fake facebook page which looks exactly like the original facebook page and host it on a PHP hosting server. The real work is done by a tiny PHP script behind the fake page. When the victim enters his/her e-mail and password into the fake facebook page, they are sent to the PHP script which saves them in a TEXT or HTML file. You just need to setup the script once, send the link of fake page to the victim and then just wait for him to enter the information. I think now you have got some idea why it is called "phishing".

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2. Keylogging


There are two types of  keyloggers. Some are legal and installed manually, and some are illegal and malicious ones that can be installed remotely. In this method you create a malicious kelogger remote file and bind it with another file i.e Picture, Video, Document etc. and send to the victim. When the victim opens the file, the file is opened but the keylogger binded with it also gets silently installed on his computer. Most of the keyloggers that support remote installation are installed silently and doesn't even show-up in Task Manager or Start Menu. Keylogger then catches all the keystrokes, screenshots, webcam pictures, mic sounds, visited links, running programs etc. and saves them in a folder. But that's not it. If the keylogger supports E-mail or FTP it can also send the logs to the hacker, you don't even need any physical access to the victim's computer.

3. Trojan Or Backdoors

Trojan & backdoors

Trojans and Backdoors are similar to keyloggers. It is one of the most dangerous attacks you can perform on the victim. There are so many types of trojans for different works. Unlike keylogger, a trojan is not limited to saving informations but once your victim's computer goes online you can control everything remotely. Keylogger is just a type of trojan.

4. Packet Sniffing

Packet Sniffing

In this type of attack the hacker cracks the password of your wi-fi and connects to victim's network to get his session by using ettercap or Backtrack Basically ettercap is a network security tool used for network testing but it cal also be used for unethical purposes. It involves using Ettercap to perform ARP-Poisoning. I'll cover this in another post.

5. Social Engineering

Social Engineering

This is the simplest method and often not considered as hacking. If you're good at making people fool then this is probably the easiest way to go for. This method covers many little things, like sending a fake e-mail to the victim and ask for his password, guessing his password or security question. And if the victim is really a fool, you can also somehow convince him to share his password. 

6. Session Hijacking or Cookies Stealing

Cookies Stealing

Session Hijacking or Cookies Stealing is also very similar to Packet sniffing. This method works by stealing cookies of the victim to log into his account. Cookies are small files stored in your browser. When you log into your facebook account, facebook saves your password and username into your browser in form of cookies, and whenever you open facebook, they check your cookies. Ff the cookie information is correct they automatically log you in.
So if the hacker gets victim's cookies he can also log into his account without actually knowing the password.

All these methods can be used to hack any facebook account, i will also share detailed tutorials but because of lack of time it will take some time, so have patience and keep visiting. I have tried to mention every possible way that i know, let me know if i have missed anything or you have something to share. and yes, please use the comments below instead of inboxing me. Peace!

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