How To Get AddMeFast Points Rapidly Fast! 

Addmefast Points

After posting my previous article Easy Way To Get 10,000,000+ Facebook Followers & Likes some of  my friends asked me for a faster way to get points on, because it takes too long to manually follow other peoples just to get some points.

Here is the trick to automatically follow other peoples, like pages, re-tweet etc. using, all you need to do is open your browser, do a few clicks and minimize it, sit back and relax! everything will be done automatically.

follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open Mozilla Firefox and install the iMacros Addon.
After installing, just close firefox. do not start the browser yet.

Step 2:

Download the iMacros Scripts/Bot from here.


Step 3:

Extract the scripts using WinRAR and copy the iMacros script and replace it with the folder in 
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents
C:\Users\Username\My Documents
in Windows 7.

Step 4:

Now start Mozilla Firefox and you'll notice a new icon in the addon-bar beside the search box. That's the icon of iMacros, click on it.

imacros addon

Step 5:

Double-click the Addmefast folder in the left iMacros sidebar, you'll see the tasks scripts. choose one of scripts depending the task you want the bot to perform. e.g Select AddmeFast FB Followers.iim if you want to follow others on AddMeFast.

Do not double-click the script, it will run once only. for repetition follow step 6.

imacros sidebar

imacros script

Step 6:

Set the repeat options, in the bottom of the side-bar and hit Play (Loop) button.This will keep repeating the task until it has run the number of times you have put.

imacros loop

Step 7:

You can now minimize the browser of you want, the bot will do all the job for you :)

Extra Tips: 

1. Before following these steps make sure you're logged into your Fake facebook account from Mozilla Firefox.

2. Following too many people can temporarily lock your account, i suggest you use more than one account to follow others, using 5-7 accounts is recommended.

3. Follow a maximum of 200 people per day from one account only.

4. When done following 200 people, you can start liking pages to get more points. The Liking script is also included in the package.

5. Do not forget to get the daily bonus 150 points.

Leave the comments below, please don't inbox me on Facebook. Stay blessed!
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