How To Run MASM (Assembler) On Windows 7 & Windows 8 (32 bit or 64 bit) Download

I have already shared the legacy old MASM 6.11 (DOS) 16-bit version, but unfortunately it works only on Windows XP and previous operating systems. By default there is no direct way to run a DOS-based application on Windows 7 or Windows 8, however there is always a way to emulate the incompatible applications.

To run DOS-based application we can use DOSBox. It's a free DOS emulator that can run old DOS applications, below is a step-by-step guide to use DOSBox and assemble, link and execute assembly programs.

Step 1:

Download the DOSBox free emulator from here, and install it.

Installing DOSBox

Step 2:

Download the MASM 8086 Assembler from here, and extract it using WinRAR.

Extract 8086 Assembler

Step 3:

Rename the 8086 folder to MASM. You can skip this step It's not necessary to rename if you can remember the folder name.

Rename 8086 Assembler

Step 4:

Copy or Cut the MASM folder.


Step 5:

Go to your desired drive (C:\ drive is recommended), and paste the folder there.

Paste MASM

MASM folder

Step 6:

Go back to the Desktop and double-click on the DOSBox.

Run DOSBox

Step 7:

Now before using MASM you need to mount the working directory.
type the command below to mount the drive:
mount C C:\MASM
Mount drive

Step 8:

Change the drive letter to your desired drive where you have MASM installed. to change the drive from Z to C, type the command shown below:

Change directory

Step 9:

To open the DOS Editor type:
Open DOS Editor

Step 10:

Type your program source code, and save it by going to File -> Save or press Alt + F to open the File menu.

Assembly program

Step 11:

Save it in C:\MASM (default directory) with the .asm extension in the end.

Save assembly program

Step 12:

Exit from the DOS Editor to go back to the Command Prompt.
In the Command Prompt type:
masm test.asm;
to assemble the program.

Assemble program

Step 13:

Then just simply link the object by typing
link test;
and execute/Run it by typing just the program name:
That's it! The Assembling, linking and executing process is exactly same as the old MASM that runs on Windows XP, you just need to mount the drive and change the drive directory before starting programming.


To exit from the Command Prompt type:


Thanks for reading. Drop the questions and comments below. 
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