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PhotoSafe – Gallery Photo Hide


Trying to protect and lock your private data? Trying to lock your photos and videos in security place? Worried about data security when lost your Android phone or somebody looked at your phone? Then Check this security application out, Photo Safe! Store your gallery medias in vault, protect your personal images and movies safe!
This is your gallery protector, Lock your Gallery!
No one touches your private data without permission! That is the power of photo safe!

*Folder management for private photos! Copy or Move your medias inside folders.
*Multi-select to hide or restore your media files.
*Hide or Restore your pictures or videos on one page
*Select all or unselect all to hide/restore media files.
*Use system gallery to lock.
*Thumbnails view of your images
*Left rotate or right rotate your images when viewing
*Multi-touch to zoom in/out your photos
*Password protection

Permissions Explained :

1) PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS – you can dial 2222 or pin number to enter Photo Safe
2) UNINSTALL_SHORTCUT, INSTALL_SHORTCUT – you can hide app icon from application list. So no knows Photo Safe is installed
3) INTERNET , READ_PHONE_STATE – for advertisements
4) WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – for functioning of the app


Q: Where are my private photos and videos stored?
A: For photos, the private files are under /sdcard/vaultypro/camera/images
For videos, the private files are under /sdcard/vaultypro/camera/videos
Q:I got a new phone, how to transfer my private medias from old phone to new phone?
A: Basically, there are two steps. First step is copying entire folder /sdcard/vaultypro on old phone and then paste it on new phone. Second step is installing PhotoSafe on new phone. Then you should be able to get all your medias exactly the same as your old phone.
Please note, based on different phone, the /sdcard/vaultypro folder could exist either on your phone internal storage, or on your physical external sdcard. So just remove the physical external sdcard and put it on your new phone might not work. You have to check whether the original /sdcard/vaultypro exists or is copied on your new phone.
Q:I already installed PhotoSafe on my new phone, how can I transfer the medias of my old phone?
A: If you do not have any private medias on your new phone, you can uninstall PhotoSafe and then delete /sdcard/vaultypro entire folder. Then you can follow previous Q&A to transfer medias from old phone to new phone.
If you already have quite a few medias on your new phone, you can copy files are under /sdcard/vaultypro/camera/images from old phone and then copy them to the same directory on new phone. Also remember to copy files are under /sdcard/vaultypro/camera/videos. After that, on your new phone, go to settings -> Scan missing files, you will find your medias in private Lost + Found folder.

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