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YouTube was blocked on 17th September 2012. After it’s restriction you may have noticed some slow connection and sometimes No-connection problems on all Google services like Google+, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Images, G-mail, and Google Play, Chrome Synchronization etc .

This is because all these services somehow rely on YouTube, so when YouTube got banned in Pakistan these service stopped working properly. This step of PTA affected many things, because YouTube is NOT just an entertainment source but it’s also an excellent marketing tool and Learning Place.
So I started searching, I already knew about Proxies and their usage but the problem with these so-called “free” proxies is they ultimately slow down your download speed on YouTube, It takes too much time to buffer the video on most of the “free” proxies out there.
After months of searching, trying hundreds of web-based proxies, Desktop IP Hiding tools and Free VPN services finally I found the easiest, fastest and the most reliable solution.
Well, this post is not about only one way that worked for me, but I’m sharing all other services that work good so far. So let's get started .Smile

So you must be thinking now “What is a Proxy?
Proxy is a service that  can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content anytime and anywhere you want. It works by changing your IP address. What is IP address? now I’m not going to write about IP addresses or servers, that would be off-topic Smile with tongue out

1. Online Proxies

PTA has also restricted many good proxy sites, most of the proxies you find through Google are already blocked, but since there are millions of proxy services on the Internet they can't block them all, still some good proxies are accessible. Below is a list of some free online proxies:
Links with an * (star) are recommended by me.
The problem with online proxies is you can not log into your YouTube account, so obviously video uploading is not possible.

2. Tor Browser

    1. Download Tor Browser from this link.
    2. Extract the file anywhere, open folder named “Tor Browser” and Double Click “Start Tor Browser”.
    3. It will then automatically configure itself and connect you to the Tor Network.
      That’s It. Now just open YouTube normally. see the Tor Browser in action below:

    3. SecurityKiss Tunnel

      1. Download the SecurityKiss Tunnel from this link.
      2. Start it and click on “Connect”.
      3. That’s It. You can now access any blocked site without any restrictions.

      Both Tor Browser & SecurityKiss Tunnel are good enough for watching videos & downloading them, you can also login to your YouTube account, but unfortunately when it comes to uploading, both services are not that good Sad smile

      4. Spotflux VPN

      Spotflux VPN is also a good alternative to Tor Browser & SecurityKiss Tunnel if you are looking for a way to upload videos to your YouTube account.
      Unfortunately Spotflux VPN is useful only at uploading. When it comes to downloading or buffering videos, Spotflux reduces download speed up to 3 times, which is unacceptable on a standard 1mbps DSL connection. so I suggest that you use Spotflux only when you are uploading a video.
      you can download windows version of Spotflux VPN directly from here.
      For Mac, Linux, Android & other platforms visit www.spotflux.com.

    5. Hotspot Shield

    Hotspot Shield is the most used VPN in Pakistan,the reason of it’s popularity is it’s Free & easy to use & install, but like all other free VPN services it also has a down-side.
    Hotspot can be used to download, or for watching videos online, you can also login to your YouTube account and upload videos, but the speed is too slow, also sometimes it takes too long to connect, these are not the only issues with this VPN, the free version of Hotspot Shield shows a hell of ads on webpages which makes the browsing even more slower. and yes did I told you about it’s CPU Usage issue? well I think that’s enough Smile with tongue out
    For those who believe in “Slow connection is better than no-connectivity” can download the free version of Hotspot Shield from here.

    6. VPN Book

    Finally the best one! this is the best & easiest solution I have found. there is no need to install any software to use this VPN neither you need to use any online proxy. VPN book can be easily configured into Windows built-in settings.
    Unlike all other free VPNs it does not reduces your connection speed, you can download and upload anything on your maximum speed.
    I’m personally using this VPN since 7 months on my PTCL 3.1 mbps EVO & I get my maximum 325+ kbps download & 120+ kbps upload speed.
    VPN Book provides 4 different servers for free, 2 are Romania based and 2 are UK servers for browsing only. It does not displays those nasty annoying “ads” on webpages & It also supports both OpenVPN & PPTP types without any charges or registration, however dedicated VPN service is not free. but who cares? Just PPTP service is enough. Winking smile
    To use Free PPTP VPN Account (Easy to setup, no need to download any software, works with all Windows, Mobile and PS3 Devices)

    • Server #1: euro195.vpnbook.com
    • Server #2: euro213.vpnbook.com
    • Server #3: uk1.vpnbook.com (UK VPN - optimized for fast web surfing; no p2p downloading)
    • Server #4: us1.vpnbook.com (US VPN - optimized for fast web surfing; no p2p downloading)
    • Username: vpnbook
    • Password: STas9A5a
    Just create a new VPN connection, put your preferred server, username & password, Save and Connect! Open-mouthed smile
    Yes, That’s all you need to do to enjoy fastest VPN service without any ads or speed problems.
    The password at the time of writing this post may be changed later, you can always find the new password & server info on www.vpnbook.com .
    You don’t need to check password each time you connect, they change password only once in a week or 10 days, so whenever you cant connect to VPN, make sure the password is correct and latest.

    VPN Book also provides “Web Proxy” , but using PPTP connection is recommended.
    A tutorial on setting up a VPN on Windows 7 can be found here.

    Also check: Unblock YouTube In Pakistan Without Any Proxy Or VPN

    Thank you for reading this post, please do comment and let us know about your views. It means a lot. Peace!Smile
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