How To Hack a Facebook Account: Phishing Tutorial 2013

How To Hack a Facebook Account: Phishing Tutorial 2013

Hello readers, Since Zenu's Place is getting enough traffic now, finally here is a detailed tutorial on "Phishing". Before i continue to to the tutorial, let's discuss about this technique first.
As i have said in my earlier post 6 Ways To Hack a Facebook Account, Phishing is the easiest and the most-used method used to hack facebook accounts. It is a technique used to get sensitive data from the victims by tricking them. In this technique fake pages are created, that look exactly like the original page but work in a different way. The information you enter on a fake page is stored in a TXT or HTML file and you are then redirected to an error page or the original page (sometimes).

Drawbacks of Phishing:

Unfortunately this technique doesn't works for too long. Most of the free web-hosts can detect phishing scripts immediately, and your account/IP can be banned.


Step 1:

Download the Facebook Phishing Script from the link below:

Step 2:

To host this script you need a hosting account. Below is a list of sites where you can host your script, but there is no guarantee how long it will stay undetected. Most of these sites don't allow phishing.

I'm using my3GB in this tutorial.
So go to and register a new account.

register account on my 3gb

Step 3:

My3GB will send you a confirmation e-mail, so go to your e-mail and confirm your registration by clicking the link in the message.

Confirm email

Step 4:

After confirming registration you will be redirected to the 2nd step of registration. Fill the form and hit Submit button.

My3GB registration 2nd step

Step 5:

Now you have created your account successfully. Note down the URL/address of your site and go to the File Manager.

My3GB hosting panel

Step 6: 

In the file manager, click on the Upload link to upload the script that you downloaded in Step 1.

My3GB File Manager

Step 7:

After uploading the script a new file "" will show up in the File Manager, click on the Uncompress button beside it to extract the files.

Extract the script

 Step 8:

You're almost done. The script has been successfully uploaded, now give it a try.
Open up a new tab and enter your site address to see if it is working fine.

and then enter any email or password just to check.

Fake Facebook Page

Step 9:

Time to see the stored passwords. In a new tab enter:
replace abc with your username.

This is the TXT file where all the password will be stored.

Now you can share the link of fake page with the victim and make him login from that page. If everything went okay you'll get his/her password and e-maill easily. :)


  • Sharing the link with too many people may cause the link to be blocked on facebook. So share it wisely.

  • Before sharing the link with the victim, make sure the victim is stupid enough to login on the page. If he reported your link it will get blocked immediately.

  • After each successful hack, change the name of index page from index.html to index1.html, index2.html etc. it will help your script remain undetected for a long time.

  • Another thing: Just because you hacked some Facebook Accounts by phishing, it doesn't mean that you're a "hacker". So don't claim it, or else no one will trust you. :)

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P.S: This is for ethical purpose only. This tutorial should not be used to harm anyone. I'm not responsible for anything.
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