Hack Facebook Accounts Using Mobile: Mobile Phishing Using Wapka 2013

Hack Facebook Accounts Using Mobile: Mobile Phishing Using Wapka 2013

Hello readers :-) this is my third post of Facebook Hacking series. After my previous post How To Hack a Facebook Account: Phishing Tutorial 2013 one of my readers asked about Facebook Mobile Phishing, so this tutorial is dedicated to him.
Unlike Web phishing, a web hosting with PHP support is not necessary for mobile phishing. There is a more easy way to do this. Wapka.Mobi is a free "wap" site builder that has some awesome features like Forum, Chat, Inbox etc. that can be used in many different ways to fit our needs, so in this tutorial i'll show you how you can use a Wapka Forum to make a Fake facebook page.

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Step 1:

Go to http://wapka.mobi and create a new account or login if you already have one.

login wapka.mobi

Step 2:

In the Site List, click on Manage beside your desired site.

manage site

Step 3:

Now in the Basic Settings click on Edit texts.

These are the default texts of your site that appear on auto-created pages like login, registration, chat, inbox etc. you can rename these labels here.

edit text

Step 4:

Choose forum/chat to edit text labels of Forum and Chat modules.

forum chat

Step 5:

Change these three texts as shown below:

  • Name     to   E-mail or Phone
  • Text        to   Password
  • Submit   to   Log In

Labels in Black are the original texts and the blue ones are the new texts.

This step is necessary to make the forum post look like facebook login page. The name field will work as the E-mail or Username input box, the Text field will work as the Password input box and the Submit button is going to be our Login button. Yes that's how we make people fool ;-)

change text

Step 6:

Go back to the Manage Site again and go to Admin mode.

admin mode

Step 7:

Go to :: EDIT SITE (#) ::

edit site

Step 8:

Click on Forum to create a new forum. This is where all the E-mails and Passwords will be stored.


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Step 9:

Create a new forum, don't change any settings, create it as shown below.

create forum

Step 10:

After creating the forum you will see a page where all your created forums would be listed.
Click on the forum that you created in previous step to open it.

open forum

Step 11:

On the forum page note down the forum ID number. Each forum has a unique ID number. Copy and save the ID number, we will need it later.

Now again click on the :: EDIT SITE (#) :: link on the forum page, and go to Edit Site > Users > Item Visibility.

forum id number

Step 12:

By default the above created forum will be visible to everyone. Since our E-mails and passwords are going to be stored in this forum we need to make it private.

Set the visibility to X to make it visible for Admin only.

admin only

Step 13:

Go back to the main site (as you did in Step 7) and then go to :: EDIT SITE (#) :: in the forum.
Now select WML/XHTML code to add the Facebook Mobile Phishing Script.

wml xhtml code

Step 14:

Copy the Facebook Mobile Phishing Script from the link below and paste it into the WML/XHTML code box.

Facebook Mobile Phishing Script by Zenu Khas

add code

Step 15:

Search for :forum-XXXXXXX/smallform/0: in the script (Press CTRL + F9 If you're on a PC),  replace XXXXXXX with the forum ID number, and then hit Submit button.

replace forum id

Step 16:

Our phishing page is almost ready, now it just needs some final touch-ups ;-)
Go to :: EDIT SITE (#) :: > Global Settings HEAD tags (meta,style,...), and enter following codes:

It is the favicon code, it adds the little facebook icon in the browser tab.

head tags

Step 17:

This is the last step, Go to  :: EDIT SITE (#) :: > Change title
and add the following settings:

Set the Title name to Welcome to Facebook, and URL (site_0.xhtml) to facebook.

change page title

That's it! your Facebook mobile phishing script is ready! you can see all the stored password by going into Admin mode > Forum.
Since my forum's name is FB site, i would go to Admin mode > FB Site to see the stored passwords.

goto forum

stored passowrds

To share the link of fake facebook page use:

where abc is your sub-domain name or username.

This is how it looks like:

Left one is the real Facebook Mobile page and the right one is the Fake Page. Close enough ha? ;-)

fake facebook mobile page
real facebook mobile page

Please Note: This post for ethical purpose only. You should not use it to harm anyone. Zenu's Place will not be responsible for any harm caused to anyone by this tutorial.

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