How To Get Verified Twitter Account Using Verification Symbol Trick!

How To Get Verified Twitter Account Using Verification Symbol Trick

This is just a trick to make your Twitter profile look like it has been officially verified, keep in mind that It will not actually make it verified. When a twitter account is verified, a sky-blue verification icon is shown next to your name. It gives a trusty and authentic look to your profile and makes it look like a celebrity profile. It can also help you to get more followers.
Since the real verification process takes too long and not everyone can get it, I'm sharing a simple yet effective trick.

Things you need:

Adobe Photoshop

You can get the it here:


You can also use any other similar Image editing program like GIMP.

Verification Symbol Icon

This is the icon that will show up next to your name in your Twitter profile. Save it by right-clicking,
twitter verification icon

Profile Header Image

You can use your current Header if you want, or just find another one, this is the background that we will add the verification icon on.

Screenshot of your current profile

Take a screenshot of your current profile. It must be at least  (520 X 262) in size.

Step 1:

Open Adobe Photoshop, and open the screenshot of your Twitter profile.
Then go to Image > Image resize to resize it to 520 X 262.

edit twitter profile screenshot

Step 2:

Now open the header image that you want to use. I'm using the same header picture that i was using earlier.

twitter header photo

Step 3:

After setting the position of Header image, Hide the layer by clicking the small eye icon beside layer.

hide layer

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Step 4:

Now it's time to add the icon. After hiding the Header image you'll be able to see the screenshot of your Profile again and everything on it. Open the verification icon and place it on the right side of your username.

Then go to File > Save as to save the image.

add twitter verification icon

Step 5:

In the Save as dialog, choose the JPEG format, and hit save button.

Save picture photoshop

That's It! You have successfully created your New Header Image for your Twitter Profile. All you need to do is just go to your Twitter and update the header!

This is how it looks:

verified twitter account

Thank you for your precious time. :) Do share with your friends if you like it.

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